Back to the Stars

by Garrett on Acoustic

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Following his debut album 'Avenue of Progress', 'Back to the Stars' is GOAs sophomore release and newest release of music since 2013. 'Back to the Stars' will pull you in a variety of directions emotionally and musically, while staying true to it's acoustic core. Stylistically, you'll hear rock songs with punk undertones, songs with a sense of melancholy, lighthearted pop, and strong ballads. What's new in this record is vast expansion of instrumental arrangement (compared to 'Avenue of Progress') which is sure to keep you engaged throughout all 10 tracks.

This record is about transformation and freeing yourself from all you thought you knew and being open to new perspectives. This comes to life not only lyrically, but musically as well as. My first album ‘Avenue of Progress’, was completely recorded, mixed and mastered in my home by using the instruments I had available. In ‘Back to the Stars’ you’ll hear a massive upgrade in quality and instrumental arrangement. I'm honored to have the opportunity to share my work with you. Thank you for taking the time to listen.


released February 17, 2017

Garrett Harbison: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys
Alex Hayward: Drums

Vocals, Guitars, & Keys tracked at Four Corners Studios in Jacksonville, FL
Drums & Bass tracked at Chromatic Studios in Jacksonville, FL

Written by Garrett Harbison
Produced by Garrett Harbison / Alex Hayward
Mixed by Alex Hayward @ Chromatic Studios
Mastered by Drew Thomas at Sage Audio



all rights reserved


Garrett on Acoustic Jacksonville, Florida

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Track Name: Why Wait?

Now I'm back
with a refreshed perspective
Some may say it's a little eclectic
I've said so long to traditional games
of pitchfork hate and societal shame
You've got to get up
You've got to get out
Are you wasting away your life
through someone elses eyes
of 20/20 vision of agenda and lies?

We say so long
while we sing these songs of love today
Not a reason to wait

Read between all of the lines
Seems all are writing with an angle in mind
The glasshouse mob lights its flame
All ignited by the media's game
You've got to get up
You've got to get out
Are you wasting away your life
Through the sales plan ties
of click bait games
meant to catch your eye

We say so long
while we sing these songs of love today
Not a reason to wait

Waitin' for yours
Just waitin' for more
Waitin' for yours
I'm not waitin' no more

We say so long
while we sing these songs of love today
Not a reason to wait
Track Name: Cope

Late night come home
Still chair awaits
Empty mess of a bedroom
but his shirts still hang
She wants to believe
There's something
out there to believe
She said 'I never want to
feel alone again
but he's not coming
He's not coming home'
I try to be brave for her
but she still cries
Awaken come midnight
Groggy eyes perceive
a silhouette of a body
that fades away again
Oh she copes
She copes all day and night
but he's not coming home
I know it'll be alright
There ain't no such thing
as moving on
At least I believe that
So hand me a shovel
and we can try
We can bury all of our cries
Track Name: Falling

Life wears us down
Time keeps us bound
with ropes that we've always made
of gold we don't own
but pass down to our sons
Now I'm hangin' off the edge of a cliff
my hand is reachin’ out for you
Now I need to know
That you won't let go
Oh I'm falling down
but your love keeps me hangin’ on
Time lost for means
to provide for all our needs
I get the feeling that I'll never live up
to those who came before me
Now I feel my palms begin to sweat
My hands are slippin' from you
I'm falling for you
Now I need to know that you won't let go
Track Name: Do You Really Want to Know?

Long time no see
Cue the obligatory gesture
of how you've been
and how you are
Force those pearly whites
Come on let's get this over with
Get me back to a place
where I can find myself
Oh how have I gotten here?
I'm still searching
with a compass
that's out of control
Just a lost man
walkin down an unknown road
I'm still searching
with a compass
that's out of control
Eyes wide open more than ever
but I'm slowly bleeding away
everything I've ever known
But it's not about me anymore
I'm trying to overcome myself
A spoiled embrace to be alone
I can't get past
the artificial wavelengths
programmed by the textbook
and executed by your mouth
Do you really want to know?
My path ended miles ago
Do you really want to know?
I'm searching for the person
lost deep inside
Do you really want to know?
I'm doing the best I can
You don't really want to know
I'm great. How about you?
Track Name: Hands of Elizabeth

Suspended in space
the pendulum swings
While the hands of Elizabeth sing
'till Big Ben he calls your name
A record of time beginning and end
Would you honestly defend
the dash that rests between?
So let's leave it all behind
There's only so much time
Under dark skies I'm staring up
at all I've ever been
and ever was
or will ever be
but it all makes sense
with you right next to me
A desolate page yearning for ink
Take a moment stop and think
how you want your story told
Does it capture love
or breathe with life
or get lost on a bottom line
Do you answer
when material calls?
I've been told
you can't come back
Track Name: Turning

Now give her a veil
and cover up her eyes
Another victim
in an overall disguise
Will you tell the children that
they've been compromised
by a number on a paper
or the money in your pocket?
I'm turning for the hills
I'm not given myself
for your cheap thrills
Oh you can take your supply
I'm not demanding
'cause I'm turning for the hills
I thought I could see
but it turns out I'm blind
What I thought was real
it's been fake this whole time
Congratulations you sold me
a packaged demise
Sympathetic for synthetics
Oh but will you ever regret it?
Oh I tried for so long
but I need you oh baby please
I tried for so very long
but I failed
Track Name: Together

Another wave roles in
It defeats and soaks
through your skin
How did this happen?
How did we get here?
Flood water rising
Grasping for air
Locked inside of
this windowless room
We won't get caught in
the wreckage tonight
Let's garner the strength
to fight and resist
Won't look back
With locked hands
we sing together
Winds rip the walls
Hear another
scream from your soul
How did this happen?
How did we get here?
I can feel the storm pulling us
Now come in closer
Look into my eyes
Let's be clear
We won't give this up
The mindset of 'Why me?'
Becomes 'Fuck you
I'm not sorry'
We won't let this
bring us down
We sing together
All comes crashing down
Ears ring thoughts of fear
Silence sings a song so clear
Numbness fades
and I still feel your touch
Can you hear me?
Are you with me?
We fought this can't you see?
It'll all be fine
Just open those eyes
All banged up and bruised
Let's stand up and prove
We can weather the storm
when we just stick together
Track Name: Canvas

Bright pixeled lights
Report those sights
of a common painted picture
Of struggle, deceit,
consumption, and greed
The colors are blended in streaks
Now they're hangin’ in frames
of branded names
and sold to the people as change
But I look into grey eyes
Now I block out all those lights
With innocence in arms
and basic needs it give me peace
I'm staring at a
breathing blank canvas
awaiting to paint his world
Now I watch sculptures of few
They argue what's best for you
With the color coded
and preset minds
They just drawing
a black dotted line
But then from one to two
they point to you
with some generic point of view
But I look into grey eyes
Now I block out all those lies
These are the paintings
of our lives
There ain’t no boundaries disguised
as numbers to tell you how to fly
Let your brush be your guide
to soar through the sky
Track Name: Rerouting

In rear view shining bright
all we've ever known
Distance builds
from the city lights
that hide the beautiful night
Heart aches heart breaks
to witness a world of hate
Heart breaks heart aches
to think it's all in vein
They'll say I'm lost
I'm just rerouting
Not falling apart
I'm just rerouting
My mind my body
I'm just rerouting
Back to the stars
A turn degree of 1-8-0
Let your mind be completely free
of self-obtained self-importance
and all we thought
was meant to be
Guided by a state of fear
it feeds hate
Turn your back away
and walk away
So help me understand
why we all don't defend
love for everyone
Take me back to the stars
I say whoa
Who gonna bring you down?
I say whoa
Will you obey and hit the ground
Time and time again
We shed blood for the defense
of beliefs that segregate us
to a different side of the fence
But in the end we're all just one
and this is just a plea for peace
that'll fall on deaf ears
'cause we can't hear
over screams of our own fear
Come on